Young women are AWESOME!!! That fact should be obvious to ANY red blooded male. The Big Construction Man in the sky did a great job making them just right.

If any of you have a problem with me calling the Lord, the Big Construction Man in the sky, it's not mine! I was an altar boy , not an angel; but I digress.And yeah, I fed the homeless bums via a church food pantry for 15 months and 2 weeks. Which again, along with $2.35 will get me a cup of coffee where they sell it for $2.35!

Don't be a chump, treat these most wonderful of God's creations right and they take care of you, many times over. By the way, that US Navy training film does work. I heard something on a rock station that mentioned how young women want to be treated. Film is still pretty reliable. Don't be afraid to spend a buck on them, don't be a barley counter.

Incidentally, I thought age was just a number and I do believe that is correct. Yet, I see so many here pointing out their advanced age! What utter nonsense! The babes you are looking for want winners, not losers! So, drop the bitching and moaning about your age. Don't use age as an excuse. Get on the ball, be a winner and have a blast What I mean is that there are a lot of girls that were not planning on meeting and being romanced by an "old coot" but it does happen and frequently. True, money does help, but money isn't the only thing.Age isn't the important factor; you're ability to be compatible and to do things , like work, think and have fun, are.

Yeah, I know a lot of strippers too! Some of them have their heads screwed on right. Again, you don't want to be a customer in order to get phone numbers that work. Don't be a sucker! I have met several with advanced degrees in STEM. I have had discussion about prions, the laws of thermodynamics, econometrics among other things with many of them. Well, I will admit you do get to see what they look like nude, than a young women who is a nurse, bank manager or high school English teacher. Oh wow! before I forget. In the greater NYC area, a lot of beautiful strippers are Russian immigrants going to schools in the area. They have a better command of the English language along with American slang than me.

Additionally, however, some things are easy to understand, like magnetohydrodynamics or advanced monetary theory. Women, in general, aren't that easy to understand. No problem! Just love them!

There you have it, these young women are amazing, wonderful, fabulous. It doesn't get any better!