This page provides information for those who believe or are aware that pictures of themselves have been posted to this website without their consent. The instructions below will enable you to provide verification of your identity in order to have those pictures removed from the website.

What do I need to verify and why?

You need to verify that you are the person who holds ownership of the picture(s) in question. This verification process is necessary to prevent random visitors from having pictures of our members removed maliciously.

How can I verify my identity?

Here is what you need to verify your identity:

A picture of yourself holding up a piece of paper with the words "STOLEN PICTURES" and the DATE written on it. I must be able to clearly see your face so that I will be able to compare it to the picture that needs to be removed. Providing a verification picture is the simplest and easiest way to verify your identity.

You can alternatively provide an image of your government issued photo identification card. This can be your driver's license, passport, or other government issued identification card which has your picture on it. Feel free to obscure sensitive information if desired.

Attach your pictures to an email and send to the address below.

Can I use other means to verify my identity?

No. Sending me other information such as links to websites containing your pictures is not a definitive means of establishing your ownership of any pictures posted to this website.

How do I report pictures on behalf of someone else?

You can't report pictures on behalf of another person. Please direct the person you are concerned about to this page.

How long will it take until my report has been processed?

Under normal circumstances, your report will be processed within three business days or less. If your report can be verified, the pictures in question will be removed and the member's profile may also be removed.

Reports that do not provide clear evidence of stolen pictures will be ignored and the sender will be blocked. Current members who attempt to trick the administrator into removing their pictures (yes it has happened and yes we can detect it) will be blocked from contacting support for any reason. Please don't abuse the system.