Just to clarify, this site does not prohibit anyone from asking another member for money. No member is forced to send money to any other member so if you do so it is your choice. However, if a member joins the site with the intent to ask for money, it must be stated clearly in the essay portion of the member's profile, the section entitled "In my own words." I would encourage you to get to know the other member very well before you send him or her any money. Scammers will not wait around for that.

Please report any member who immediately, or almost immediately asks you to move to Google Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, Kik, or any other off-site communication apparatus. This technique is used by scammers because they know that we will swiftly show them the door on this site. They want to get you off onto a private IM service to attempt to scam you. Any member who is found to consistently attempt to convince other members to move off-site immediately will be removed from the system and his/her email address and location will be permanently blocked. Report these members or contact me here.