Please note that I have updated the Terms of Service for The following was added:

  1. Your profile must include a picture that shows your face in order to contact other members. If you remove your profile picture or change your profile picture to one that does not show your face, your account may be deleted without notice. Accounts without profile pictures and/or accounts that have profile pictures that do not show the face of the member may be deleted at any time without notice at the discretion of the administrator.
  2. Explicit pictures are not permitted.
  3. Explicit comments are not permitted in any public area including but not limited to picture or profile comments and the "In my own words" section of your profile. Any overtly sexual text will be removed by the administrator upon discovery. Repeated infractions will lead to account removal. Please keep these types of comments to private messages or IM chat.
  4. Profiles with little or no meaningful content in the "In my own words" profile section may be rejected at registration or removed without notification.
  5. Personal contact information can not be exchanged or displayed in any public area. You are welcome to give this information to other members in private messages or IM chat. Any personal contact information that is displayed in a public area will be deleted upon discovery. Pictures that contain personal contact information will be edited or deleted. Repeated offenses will lead to account removal.