I have had a couple of questions about the messaging system on the site. The system is simple and effective when you understand how it works. I will give here a short tutorial.

To read your messages, you click on My Messages in the User Menu on the left sidebar. You will see the User Menu after you log in. It looks like this:

User Menu

After you have clicked My Messages in the User Menu, you will see something similar to this screen:

Message Thread List

I believe that this is where some get confused. All of the messages in this system are contained in conversations, or message threads.

This is not a list of messages. It is a preview of each conversation.

You can't reply to messages from this page. You must click on the Subject in order to read the entire thread or to reply to a message. The message threads are listed with the oldest thread at the bottom and the newest thread at the top. For the oldest thread at the bottom, the Subject is, 'hello.' So if you click on the Subject 'hello,' you will see a page like this:


This page contains all of the messages in the message thread. You can read all of the messages in their entirety here and reply in the box at the bottom of the thread. There is no need to go back to the other member's profile and start a new message thread. As indicated, there is now a list of emoticons that you can include in your private messages if you wish. To use an emoticon, just type the shortcut into your message wherever you want the emoticon to appear. Adjacent emoticons must be separated by a space.

The messaging system is a little bit different, but it is actually very convenient and simple when used properly. I hope this short tutorial will help. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.