What Makes Us Different

There are two main things that make ItsJustaNumber different from other "Age Gap" Dating sites.

1. We offer a premium service at no charge. IJN is absolutely 100% FREE. You don't have to install an app on your device. IJN is so much more than an app. IJN is a full-featured website.
2. We actually look at every profile on registration. When a new user signs up, an administrator looks at the new profile and then approves or declines it. We do this because we only want members who are truly seeking a senior dating relationship, and because we filter out the would-be scammers before you ever see them. I can assure you, other sites don't do that. I know it sometimes takes a little bit longer to get verified, but we believe it's worth it to keep out the scammers and those looking for something that we don't offer on this site.

We believe that these reasons alone are enough for those seeking a senior dating relationship to use ItsJustaNumber exclusively.