AlnStr Seeks an Age Gap Relationship

Houston, Texas, United States
Body type:
6' 1" 
Dark brown 
Caucasian (White) 
Living situation:
With pets 
Social Setting:
Flirt, Better in small groups, Comic relief 
TV watching:
Home and family
Marital status:
Want (more) kids:
Not sure 
Professional life
Employment status:
Minimum Age:
Maximum Age:
Online social interaction (messaging, chat, etc.), Casual dating, DD/lg relationship, Friendship, I'll play it by ear, Long term relationship 
Sense of humor:
Friendly, Clever / Quick witted, Goofy 
Arts, Computers / Internet, Crafts, Listening to music, Movies, Playing sports, Playing music, Theater, Television, Travel 
More about me
In my own words:

I was told by a very nice person that my profile had substance. Since then it has been re-written, and I have removed the incorrect attitude I had for thinking that no one reads these anyway. Apparently, some do. But I still do not see the reason for me to share things about myself unless you want to know. I don’t walk around in public with a “Hi, My name is…” sticker. Everyone here doesn’t need to know who I am, only those who are interested. I'm the same in the real world. My ASL is above, what else do you need to know? Besides, what would I write about anyways? Should I say I'm wealthy? So how much money determines wealth? Or should I say I'm confident? I do know where I stand. Everyone should. I could say I'm smart. Well, that's debatable. I am at a dating site. Maybe I should say I'm well-travelled? I do leave the house just about every day.

Here’s something to think about…

Reclining beneath the pergola, feet propped up and a wide-screen balancing on the white stone terrace. In the distance, the setting sun slowly disappears while stars quickly fill the breezy, night sky. A small herd of deer breaks the silence and two glasses cling to signal the start the show. Waiting patiently, the sweet scent of strawberry daiquiris dance through the air as spaceships begin racing across the screen. That is what I am like.

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AlnStr posted a new blog:
I've been surfing the internet over 30 years and along with degrees in Computer Science, Technology and Graphics, I know my stuff. For the last 10 years I have roamed through many dating sites and have had my share of the typical scammer. Which is someone who is only talking to you (by chat, email, app)…

I'm going to explain what I meant about the TOS violation. I'm not threatening to remove you in any way, but I see this as a teachable moment for you and other members who read this post.

You actually did violate our terms if you made negative comments about this site in a public area. Also, based on one's interpretation of the terms, it could be said that this blog post is a violation because it doesn't really fit the purpose of the site, which is intergenerational networking and dating. The interpretation of the TOS is at my sole discretion, and I believe that this post is generally helpful.

The point I am trying to make is this: We operate a free service. We believe that it is rude for a member to use our service, our resources, to make negative comments about the free service. If a member doesn't like the service, he or she can stop using the service at any time and suffer no financial loss whatsoever. You're not out anything.

Again, I think that some aspects of your post are informative and I'm not saying you should remove it and I'm not threatening to remove it or remove you from the site. I just wanted to clarify the violations and the intent of that part of our TOS. Enjoy the site.


-AdminSteven. I am not here to cause any problems with anyone. I have made a couple of comments on the board that did not violate your TOS, but they were unnecessary and I have not comment anymore as such. Yes, I am a little bitter with anyone who waste my time, especially if they are leading me on. If it's okay to leave this blog up, that's cool. It wasn't written for us people who know, it was for those who don't and want to know what they can do. It's a karma thing, lol. I am not here to stir things up. Like everyone else, I'm trying to enjoy myself and meet a real person. I apologize for the length of this conversation, I know you have better things to do. You will not hear another bad thing from me.


I never said your post was irrelevant, but it does seem to me that the reasons you're here do violate our TOS. The site is for intergenerational networking and dating, not bitter screeds about your unfortunate experiences with scammers.


-AdminSteven. You are absolutely correct on everything you just posted. To be honest, my blog-post is completely irrelevant and if anyone doesn't know better, it's there own fault. I will remove it shortly. But, I would like to add that the point of my blog was not about money, it was about wasting time.

-Ragdoll. I can't suggest anything except to ignore them. I know (after talking to many), that most guys on here are looking for nothing but a sexchat. They're rude, never read profiles, they add every girl that joins...the list goes on. But, there are very few guys & girls who are actually looking for a relationship of some kind. Like the "scammers" and "fakes," you just have to use your own discretion.

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