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Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
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A few extra pounds 
5' 10" 
A little gray 
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With roommate(s) 
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The life of the party, Somewhat shy, Home body, Flirt, Better in small groups, Comic relief 
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Dramas, Movies, Sitcoms 
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Single / never married 
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College grad 
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Online social interaction (messaging, chat, etc.), Activity partner, Casual dating, DD/lg relationship, Friendship, Fun, I'll play it by ear, Long distance relationship, Long term relationship, Sugar Daddy / Baby / Mommy 
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Friendly, Dry / Sarcastic, Campy / Cheesy, Goofy, Slapstick, Obscure, Raunchy, Other 
Arts, Community service, Cooking, Crafts, Dancing, Family, Health / Fitness, Listening to music, Movies, Photography, Politics, Reading, Religion, Theater, Television, Travel 
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In my own words:

OK first things first. I've gotta say something first about George Floyd who's been all over the news lately. I never get to talk about this in a brief chat with anyone. This is the same old Institutional Racism.…58997

When a cop knees a man in the neck SO HE CAN'T BREATHE and dies, that is treating a man lower than an animal.

I just watched the film "Detroit" which is all about the same thing.

It's very heart-wrenching for me to watch.

Why wouldn't our cops be racist when our entire Compulsory Public School System was founded by racists "for the health of the race" and established to indoctrinate people into social (racist) conformity and to "tag THE unfit" so they will drop out of the process of reproduction?

The Honor Lecture in Education at Harvard University is named the Engels Lecture. Alexander Engels wrote, "The fifth function of Public Schooling is THE HEALTH OF THE RACE", unnaturally tagging THE UNFIT so they wil drop out of the reproduction sweepstakes. The Paradox of Extended Childhood - John Taylor Gatto…ex=61
"Arthur Calhoun's 1919... forecast, that in time we could expect to see
public education 'designed TO CHECK THE MATING OF THE UNFIT.'"….html

I remember my High School had something in the Yearbook called "Who's Who".
Even though our school was half black, I noticed that most of the folks in
"Who's Who" were white folks like me.

Our entire society treats people in 10th grade (age 15) as a CHILD under our Compulsory Public Education System inspired by the RACIST GERMAN philosopher Johann Fichte the Father of Neo Nazism and brought over to America by Horace Mann who said "The State is the Father of Children".

Why? Because important people wanted it that way. "A decision had been made to extend Adolescence by four years." - Ellwood P. Cubberley, "the most important public figure in official education in the 20th Century." "The term of childhood had been deliberately extended for four years because important people wanted it that way." "The Paradox of Extended Childhood" - John Taylor Gatto…ex=61

Ellwood P. Cubberley’s "Public Education in the United States" (1934) is explicit about what happened and why. In a section called "A New Lengthening of the Period of Dependence," Cubberley explains that "the coming of the factory system" has made extended childhood necessary.

And of course the "Negro" is treated as the most childish of the
"children" by our Racist Compulsory Public Education System.

I have a similar story to that of Cleveland Larry Reed in "Detroit" whose life was shattered. He was a singer in an up and coming Motown band called The Dramatics. His life was never the same after the events that took place in 1967. The cop who killed his friend later handled his repressed memories by abusing his wife. The cop also became an enthusiastic churchgoer and grandfather. Reed never married or had children. He could have become the next James Brown or Michael Jackson or Stevie Wonder but became a lonely incel stuck with a bunch of middle aged and elderly religious folks as their church choir director. Imagine somebody like Mick Jagger or Ed Sheeran or Justin Bieber being so traumatized that he becomes a lonely incel directing a church choir!

I wasn't black or traumatized by police. But I did go through the traumatic experience of hazing in 10th grade. My dorm roommates in military school treated me like a fucking CHILD! Just like society does. Always cracking jokes about me. Always playing pranks on me. Always taunting me with my speechless inability to make a comeback. "What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" For half the school year. I cried every day.

On top of never being able to sit with anybody at a school lunch table from 8th grade on. And a classmate of mine in the same dorm who was also hazed had to be taken to the hospital and almost did die. (That might be why I can't always make a witty comeback when chatting with women.)

And then after hazing me half the year, when the school year ended they were all smiles and wanted hand shakes, acting like we were best friends the whole year and it was all just one big joke and ha ha ha.

Just like in the film "Detroit" when the cop told the black guy that he would let him go if he just denied the reality right before his very eyes, the dead man lying in a pool of blood at his feet.

These guys wanted me to deny the reality of the fact that they had fuckin' hazed the shit outta me half the year or all year long and then they wanted me to pretend that I didn't experience all that. Fuck!

That sort of trauma doesn't go away at the flip of a switch. That's why I could identify so strongly with black people when I was 15, 16, 17. And why I was always crying tears for the people in the ghetto and the people in Mississippi who were shot.

And why I knew for damn sure I wasn't no fucking CHILD!

My father minimized me, dismissed me, ignored me, and said that I was too "sensitive"!!!!!

Of course he would say that. He named my brother after the President of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War, Jefferson Davis.

And why I tried to get a Walk Against Hunger started in my city. And why I chose a black guy to be my running mate and run for President/Vice President of my Senior Class. (We won!)

But I'm a broken man. That's why I'm 64 and still a virgin.

Now back to what is infinitely less important, my profile about me:

Hi, I'm looking for friends and a girlfriend. I just updated my profile (5-22-20) and its super long, so long that i feel like i must be so boring to everyone. I'm kinda like Charlie Brown, super shy when I was young. When I was 16 I was nervous like this girl:
Because of my shyness, I didn't date much then. I've had some anxiety problems and hangups including religion which makes me rather inexperienced for my age. Starting in 7th-8th grade, I had no friends. I had nobody to sit with at the school lunch tables. And this was all through 8th through 12th grades, and also in college. And then in 10th grade I was hazed a lot and felt like this: I'm nervous like this guy and always felt like this guy:

I never had a young love like most people have. "benny blanco, Halsey & Khalid – Eastside"
"When I was young, I fell in love We used to hold hands, man, that was enough (Yeah) Then we grew up, started to touch... Oh, every day, she found a way out of the window to sneak out late... 17, and we got a dream to have a family A house, and everything in between..." COMMENTS: "does anyone else get a weird sadness when they listen to this song?? i can’t explain it" MY COMMENT: This song MOVES me a lot. Reminds me of my whole middle school and high school years without anybody! This song makes me SAD. But I don't have ANY kind of weird sadness over this song! I never had a love like that. When I was young. I had crushes but because of my nerves and anxiety i could never ask a girl out. I have nothing but GRIEF that I never had a love like that... All these girls and guys have all this sadness. I don't have this in common with them at all. MORE COMMENTS: "lost of childhood..innocence..nostalgia" "I remember myself falling in the idea of love at a young age, but I'm just not so sure anymore - as an adult the only thing I'll be married to is my job" MY COMMENT: I don't have anything in common with a woman who's not so sure any more and is married to her stupid fuckin' job. "you hear a song long ago shared with someone who meant a WHOLE LOT... A WHOLE LOT to you... and ya cry ... even decades later..." MY COMMENT: I don't have anything in common with a woman who still cries over someone who meant a whole lot to her... and she doesn't cry over me. "Lost youth, loss of innocence loss of your first love." MY COMMENTS: All these people who have lost their innocence and lost their first love! I'm still looking for my first love! Is there anybody else out there like me? "I do cos this song was on all the time while I was... with my ex and I miss those times soooo much there will never be another like him" MY COMMENT: I don't have anything in common with a woman who says there will never be another like him. "Yes it activates my trauma of early teen love life" MY COMMENT: Early teen love life? I have nothing in common with people who had an early teen love life since I didn't have one.

i'm really looking for a young woman who is totally into me and who laughs at everything i say. like these young women: "Couple With 33 Year Age Gap Plan Wedding"
"I'm 25, He's 70 - What's The Problem LOVE DON'T JUDGE"
"Couple with 30 year age gap reveal secret to happy relationship is 'Amazing Sex'"
or this one (non age gap but interabled):

i'm really looking for a young woman with a heart. a young woman like amy connelly. she brings a tear to my eye. a young woman who is emotionally available. not cold.

of course i also want a young woman who is super attractive to me. but looks are not enough. i can't stand this whole idea of having to become some kind of rich sugar daddy in order to buy love. money can't buy me love.
i'm not rich. i once had a fair amount of money and that made me superficial and shallow. my money screwed up my head. i thought then that now finally a woman would be attracted to me. because of my money. it made me be someone other than myself, someone other than who my dream of myself was when i was 16. it made me incapable of identifying with the suffering of the poor, the downtrodden, and the unfortunate. whereas when i was 16 i was trying to organize a walk against hunger. that's because i knew what it was like to be an outcast. and i was always crying tears of compassion for the downtrodden.
i'm glad now that i don't have any money because at least i know what it feels now to be poor. i don't look down on the poor and the underprivileged as much any more.

i'm looking for a world of love. my passion is to change society. i'm looking for a world in which 24yo actress florence pugh doesn't get 70% horrid hateful comments just for wishing happy birthday to her 45yo boyfriend.
and a world where Camila Morrone doesn't get all this hate on her instagram:

i'm the kind of a person who likes to read history. as a person with a historical point of view i know that this current hate is not the norm historically. i want society to just get over this entire age gap taboo among other things.

i'm really looking for a young woman who supports my passion in life. a young woman i can connect with on an intellectual level. someone I can have amazing deep long philosophical, historical, and political discussions with like this one:

these are just some of the topics i want to discuss with someone:
- the abolition of our high school and middle school hellholes, our Neo-Nazi Compulsory Public Education System, founded by the father of Neo-Nazism, the philosopher Johann Fichte
- the massive problem of bullying in schools: "13 million kids will be bullied in the U.S. this year."
- the extension of adolescence four years by important people who wanted it that way…ex=61
- the massive problem of "Date rape [which] is alarmingly common among teens, w/ as many as 1 in 5 young people being victims."
- the massive problem of anorexia, bulimia, self-cutting, etc. among young teen women….html

my last job i was stuck in an environment where my co-workers and all the people in my social circles were all women i was not remotely attracted to.
some of them were quite popular in high school. one said she wished more than anything that she could look like she did in high school. we would go out to lunch to eat and they were lots of fun. They had a very good sense of humor and they also thought i had a very good sense of humor and so i was always
cracking jokes with them. and they invited me into their group. but they were not the type of women I go for. and I was so depressed I thought this is my consolation prize for being so shy and nervous in high school and college
that i didn't date. i was also so hung up on religion that i felt guilty if i "put an idol (a woman) before god" because people always told me i needed a "relationship with god" first before dating anyone.

one time i told the head of this group that i liked 20 year old women. i pointed to hollywood mega actor jack nicholson and mick jagger who did as well. he told me that it was ok for jack nicholson but it's not for "ordinary folks" or "church
folks" like us. so i was so depressed because i wasn't dating anyone at the time because i wasn't attracted to anyone my own age. and i had this huge societal guilt and shame over dating anyone much younger than me. this guilt and shame is also reflected in the attitudes of the majority of people in the church which claims to represent the almighty. and so i felt like i was going to be stuck forever for the rest of my life always being stuck with people who were totally unattractive to me. it seemed like what they call christian love is me having to settle for some middle aged lady. it seemed like what they call emotional support is me having to settle for some old lady. These people at the church seemed to be totally unavailable for emotional support for me in my quest to find and date a woman i am attracted to. The essence of the church seemed to be this demand that i be superficial and fake and pretend to be attracted to
women my age and older who i am totally unattracted to. these are women i wouldn't be interested in marrying or relating to in a romantic way in a million years.

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