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"And our time is flying, see the candle burning low"

I'm looking for a girl who is serious about having a relationship and a family, who finds the age difference attractive. I've wanted to have children for years, and have never been able to find the right girl for it. I keep committing to relationships, only to eventually find out that I'm being lied to or cheated on. I've had too many years wasted by this situation repeating itself. Now there is starting to be a significant age gap between myself and girls who are even towards the end of their child-bearing years. I have grown very weary of the games and dishonesty, grown tired of trying to make relationships work when the girl turns out to be dishonest, grown tired of rejecting girls who only seem to be after sex or money (this includes girls who don't want to work). I simply can't continue to do this anymore, can't continue to keep putting myself through the lies, BS, and games. I want to stop dating, and start working on building a life together and having a family. I'm not the type to tell you only what you want to hear, I'm too straight-up for that I prefer someone who is a more soft-spoken, introverted, stay at home type who would rather not run around and party all the time. Things like obvious tats, piercings elsewhere than the ears, pants, makeup, and hair dye are all turn-offs, I'm much more into a natural and feminine appearance (and would request that you keep your appearance natural and feminine, if you do not already do so). I don't mind if you are a bigger girl. I don't mind if you already have children, as long as you would want to have more. I prefer a girl under age 25, but will consider older if you are still well within your child-bearing years and are able to show me that you're exceptional. I don't mind if you come to me from a distance, as long as you are willing to relocate within a reasonable amount of time and not drag things out. If you are serious about actually having a relationship and a family, I'd really like to hear from you!

A couple additional things. I tend to shun intrusive, invasive, unnecessary technology, many find it "weird" that I don't have or do this or that thing. I'm not one to follow fads or trends, most would describe my lifestyle as off the grid and under the radar. I don't travel out of Lawton on my own, this means that I won't be meeting you in some other place. If you're at a distance, you would have to come here to meet. These things may be deal-breakers for some, but that's just the way it is for me, take it or leave it.

Please don't BS me, I don't have time for games. I don't want to be told things like "u seem like a nic guy" (sic), "im glad we connected", "I like the vibe", "What is your cell number I will call you tomorrow" (all actual quotes) in conversation, and even be sent one of those silly friend request things, only to subsequently be ignored and / or blocked. And how about this one? "F*** OFF AND LEARN HOW TO TALK TO PEOPLE MAYBE INSTEAD OF TRYNA WOO GIRLS YOUNG ENOUGH TO BE YOUR GRANDAUGHER SHUT THE F*** UP!!!!" That was actually said to me in a conversation, by a girl who had listed herself as looking for guys up to 80 years old. What is such a person even doing on this site, if they would say something like that? I like to give people benefit of the doubt, but that can be difficult to do when girls repeatedly attempt to play you like this. Why is it so incredibly difficult to find a girl that is actually honest and sincere? Do they even exist anymore?

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Tiffanibbw29 posted on Determined's wall:

Hi I really like your profile. I like you. But I will admit that I have tattoos. One I want covered or removed from my dumb days as a youth, my name, my late moms name, and of course a rose for my mom to cover up an old tattoo from my younger days. I am interested in you, and I am a bigger girl who is in school and working on weight loss and getting bariatric surgery, to live longer and to have children some day. You intrigue me and hope to be able to talk more if I didn’t put you off.