Ken is a Man Seeking an Age Gap Relationship

Hartselle, Alabama, United States
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A few extra pounds 
6' 2" 
Caucasian (White) 
Home and family
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Casual dating, I'll play it by ear, Long term relationship 
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This is always tough, talking about yourself. So this is my attempt on letting you know about myself.

I may be JUST the man you need in your life. I am kind, loving, faithful, funny, smart, giving, good kisser, fantastic lover, responsible, caring, and I make an AWESOME pot of chili!!

I was born & raised in California. Moved several times due to work, and ended up in Alabama 10 years ago. I DO miss the ocean and mountains of California, but you can have all that smog and over-population... not a big fan of that at all. I will confess, though... having been to Alaska 3 times, I will STILL say that the Monterey Peninsula is the most beautiful place I have ever been. Beauty in it's purest form. Try searching Monterey Peninsula sometime, and you will get an idea what I am talking about.

Back to tidbits about me... I grew up playing sports, and I have never lost my enthusiasm for that. I like to watch certain baseball games, college basketball games, and all types of football on TV. I enjoy attending a baseball game the most, though. So many fond memories. Anyway... I also enjoy movies, listening to live music, slow dancing, amusement parks, fairs, festivals, casinos, sunsets, holding hands, kissing, and being "in love". Who doesn't enjoy that?? Isn't that why we are all on here in the first place? I was married (and divorced) twice before, but to women who already had children of their own and couldn't have any more, so I have never had children of my own. Guess at my age, I never will, either. But I am content with realizing that it won't be one of the great thrills of my lifetime.

Who am I looking for?? Well, I am looking for someone who is loving, trusting, sincere, open, faithful, and enjoys communicating. I hope she has a sense of humor, because I have a fairly quick wit, and can be "off the wall", or "out of the blue" sometimes, lol. If she enjoys some of the same interests as mine, that's a plus. And, if she can make gravy... BIG bonus points!!

So, I guess that's about it for now. If you have read this far, then I guess I have held your interest for a few minutes. That being said... why don't you drop me a line or two and see how things develop? I hope you have success in finding that someone special, and who knows??? It MAY be you!! Enjoy your day, and let me hear from you, if you are interested.

Since I believe in total honesty, I feel compelled to reveal this to all who might be interested... I have an eye disorder called posterior vitreous detachment. I sometimes get short, temporary blurred vision. It's triggered mainly by bright lights or sun glare. I lose vision for a brief period... usually from a couple of seconds up to around 15-20 seconds. During these spells, I cannot see anything. Because of that, I no longer drive. I haven't driven a vehicle since 2008. So, that being said... if my not driving is a deal breaker for you, I will understand completely.

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