NjRose Seeks an Age Gap Relationship

Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines
5' 2" 
Dark brown 
Home and family
Marital status:
Single / never married 
Professional life
Some college 
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Maximum Age:
Arts, Community service, Computers / Internet, Cooking, Crafts, Dancing, Family, Gaming, Health / Fitness, Listening to music, Movies, Photography, Playing music, Reading, Theater, Television, Travel, Watching sports 
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In my own words:

Im possessive, lets just say the kitten has claws and she'll stake her claim (Top reason why i cant find a boyfriend) xD I love reading and curling in my couch with a nice book :3 i write books during my free time. I prefer to stay at home and watch a movie than to hang out in bars and get smashed but i almost always end up getting dragged by my raunchy friends. I always find myself in troubles and sticky situations that i didnt start or doesnt have any idea how i got stucked in it. People tend to say that im an old soul trapped in a young lady's body. Books and music are my first love, you could be the second hahaha xD( lol that was lame xD) sports is my archnemesis. I love mountaineering and camping and any outdoor activity that guarantees death defying moments because im crazy that way. Im outspoken. Stubborn. Honest and my friends tells me im sweet. I read for the patients at our local hospital, help out in charities and travel in rural areas all over my country to feed the hungry and educate the poor :3 i have a very mean sweet tooth and my day is never complete without chocolates :3 im kind and open minded.

Im passionate about things that i believe in. You could talk till the sun is up and i will always end up winning the argument. There might be moments when you ask yourself how you agreed getting talked into doing something you dont like, ill answer it, its called persuasive skills ;p. Im A hopeless romantic yet cynical at times. i love movies, museums and opera. i like learning new things. I like to go on spur-of-the-moment travels most of my travels are very spontaneous and unplanned that i almost always get lost but its moments like that when i feel alive and the thrill of the unknown and whats ahead keeps me driven so if youre planning to travel with me dont forget to bring a map ;)

I love FOOD so much that i enjoy romantic walks to my fridge at midnight. I can be sarcastic when i want to. I love to travel and enjoy life i love to make people smile in my own little way i can be annoying and can make lame jokes im a great listener and im not judgemental. im a risk taker :3 if you want to be my friend then you better be prepared to sit beside me as i book a flight to antartica at two in the morning after watching a documentary on penguins. Or insane Enough to join in on my crazy ideas of world domination, gummy bear armies and fluffy evil rabbits. dont be afraid to message me i might not qualify in your criteria to be "the one" but we can still be friends :3


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