Northfi is a Man Seeking an Age Gap Relationship

Oulu, Pohjois-Pohjanmaa, Finland
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5' 8" 
Caucasian (White) 
Home and family
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Long term relationship 
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In my own words:

I'm nice, kind, calm, loyal and honest family oriented man. I like nature, doing sports occasionally when I have time from my everyday life and routines. I have two children (not small. . . 16 and 18 years old) from my previous marriage and they live part time with me. Basically as much as with their mom. They are light of my days, but still I crave for nice woman next to me. I enjoy ice and rolling skating, hunting, fishing, hiking, evenings with friends, listening music, spending time on my parents summer cottage. I'm seriously finding my love for rest of my life. So I do my best to describe what kind of life I love to live. I wish you can enjoy your life with these simple things with me. I'm not asking that we should be perfect match, that would be just a fantasy : ) I like woman who dares to be a woman. . . wear and act like one. I mean that for example she likes high heel shoes, skirts. . . I just can imagine hearing your shoes clicking and coming closer to me wearing your nice summer dress with nice smile on your face and giving me lovely hug and kiss. . . just only because you are happy with me. And I dream that sometimes when I'm coming home, I could just smell some fresh bakings and seeing you in our house kitchen. . . I would hug you from behind, giving tender kiss to your neck. Or maybe some cold and dark winter evening we open bottle of wine and make some plans for small next summer trip with whole family. . . maybe somewhere up north to enjoy nature and its peace. . . or maybe down to south to enjoy amusement parks and zoo's. Or maybe we take weekend off and just you and me would go somewhere. Here and there I would surprise you with candle light dinner. I'm not good at cooking at all : ) but I will surely do my best and put effort to satisfy your taste and appetite : ) I enjoy family traditions, going forest as a family to get christmas tree, annual swamp soccer games with friends, midnight summer parties with family and trying to make bigger bonfire than last year : ), etc. . . And I would so much like that we could make our own traditions too together. Unfortunately life is not just about fun and enjoyment, it is also work, problems, and everyday routines but still I like those days too and days in life doesn't need to be that special . . . we can also just sit on sofa, watch a movie and cuddle. Enjoy each others company with cooking together or with kids and having nice dinner with wine and chat. . . . planning and dreaming our family future together, memorize what we have done so far. . . remembering our good old times together. I like to do things together with kids. . . sometimes we cook together, play outside, boardgames, Wii. . . so on. I enjoy cold and dark winter days. . . it brings kind of cozy and romantic, I enjoy spring with its first rays of bright sun and ice fishing trips to small lake next to summer cottage and doing cross country ski on forest, I enjoy summer with all bright nights with its warmth and times in summer cottage, I enjoy autumns too when hunting season starts and how nature is getting for the rest and slowly going to darker and colder. I love sex, it should be more than jumping in the bed for ten minutes and that's it. I like it with passion, experience new things with valuing each others wishes and desires. . . it should be much more than vanilla. Since so rare understand meaning of this and given a bit confusion and disappointments. . . let me explain a bit more about this. . . it means that you should be sexually very kinky , the more pervert the better, with wide and wild imagination. You like to be sexually dominant. Or maybe you like to be both . . . dominant and also submissive depending of our mood ? You don't need to be experienced. . . . but must be interested of this topic. Well. . . that's why I'm still single because difficult to find someone who is single and interested of those things : ) Anyway, sorry such a long description about that topic. I also love to sleep close to you. . . your head on my chest. I love to smell your hair before falling to sleep. I like lazy weekend mornings. . . see your smile, feeling your touch and kiss which tells that 'I'm happy with you, Let's stay one more minute in bed'. . . cuddle a little bit before going to make morning coffee. My happiness comes from these things, and I'm wondering is there a woman who would also get her happiness with me from these small things in life. I'm sorry for that such a long description : ) . . . wondering would you read all of that ? : D But I just tried to describe kind of person I am and what I enjoy. Maybe this way we can save our time to know that do we match or not. I'm not much into long time email exchange. I want that we see each others through cam (chat/talk) and get to know better that way. When feeling right. . . then meet in real (I can travel to meet in real, or you are welcomed to visit here) and see that is there needed chemistry between us. I want that both of us feel warm, attraction and passion to each others. Even I like children, I'm happy with the kids I have, and I feel that I don't want more. And also I should tell that I am partly bald, can't see it so well from images and maybe someday I will be totally bald. I just wanted to let you know this because some women don't like bald man, and someone likes. . . so you can judge as you want : )

And what I except from you ? You are honest and loyal. You are willing to relocate to Finland. You like peaceful lifestyle. You are ok that I don't want to have more children. You are able to see each others on camera, just to see that we both are real. You are mentally healthy. You are able to chat/talk about our sexual match, because I want much more than people 'typically' want. I like lot of different things (bdsm, different fetishes, sub/dom, you like to be sexually dominant, etc.. . lot of different things). If that's not you, then let's not was our time. I am happier as a single guy than in relationship where important things for me doesn't match. If you are still reading and thinking yes that's me. . . don't wait but send me a message : )

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