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Live life like a passionate novel or a walking obituary. We only have one life to live. I have one tasteful tattoo that reminds me of the urgency of life. There are so many wavelengths in the universe and riding the same wavelength with someone may be the ultimate enjoyable and intriguing awe of them all.

Most would describe me (accurately) as a very motivated, confident and goal oriented person. I have achieved one of my life dream goals of being a gym owner. I’m a strength and conditioning coach who is fortunate to have been mentored by the very best. I usually make it out to East coast every year to visit them. Will be in Boston in April or March. I love my job its like recess. Love public speaking (toastmasters, giving seminars) and the healthy paranoid urge of not knowing enough in all aspects of life.

I read more books than watch tv. Another one of my goals is to have a study library in my house with wall to wall books. I still can enjoy a lazy night sitting in and watching a movie or tv along with nice wine with a kind person.

Ideally would like to share those subtleties that can’t be shared in a profile or online but when no one else is looking with a kind person.

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