Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines
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I am adventurous i like to discover new things, as well as traveling. i love pets, such as dogs, cats and horse. i like western foods, and Asian foods. I'm willing to take new challenges in life.

I stand 4 ft and 9 inch if I am not mistaken, yes because i really don't know my height :) I am short and petite but I am not thin nor tiny my body is average and i think i have curves... well it has shape, though I am not busty.

I speak frankly. i say what's on my mind but i put in the right place.

If you don't talk to me then I will not talk to you also :p but once we know each other I am very talkative and so annoying lmao ^_^

I want to experience the things i never did, like camping, hiking, riding, any kind that is so adventurous :)

I don't think I am funny but at least i can make you laugh or smile.

I am passionate lady i like to be pampered and treat like a baby :P or a princess, I like shopping very much, buy new clothes and other stuff. I love fashion, but I am not materialistic what you can give is enough to me I am not the type of person who insist for the things you cant give to me, I am contented for what i have and for what you can share..

I am very sensitive about my feelings sometimes i feel moody. I am very loyal and honest to my partner and faithful also..

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