WildMildWill is a Man Seeking an Age Gap Relationship

Burbank, California, United States
Body type:
6' 2" 
African American / Black 
Social Setting:
Social butterfly 
TV watching:
Couch potato, Movies 
Home and family
Marital status:
Have kids:
Yes - at home part-time 
Want (more) kids:
Not sure 
Professional life
Employment status:
Technical / Science / Engineering 
Minimum Age:
Maximum Age:
Sense of humor:
Friendly, Goofy 
Computers / Internet, Dancing, Family, Gaming, Health / Fitness, Listening to music, Playing sports, Watching sports 
More about me
In my own words:

Salutations, one and all! Allow me to introduce myself. I'm William. Although, you can also call me Mister Smiley Icee, Silly Billy Willy or even Big Daddy W! My mother calls me Little Chocolate Bunny, but that's super embarrassing, so please don't call me that... haha

Well, what can I say about myself? I'm a father, an agricultural engineer, and an optimistic individual. I am very open about my life, and am always willing to answer anything about myself. I've learned a lot in my years of living, and what I can take away from it all is to stay humble. Appreciate your past, live in the present, and welcome the future. I've spent a lot of time in my life building myself, and becoming the person I am today. I have always been busy throughout my life, whether it be studying, working, spending time with my family or just attending to responsibilities of mine. So it feels refreshing to actually not have so much weight being placed on my shoulders for once. I can breathe, relax, and try new things.

Allow me to tell you about my life. At 18 years I was first married, and we had a son that same year. At 22 years we had a set of twin girls. Then the worst point of time in my life has been year 28, when both my son and my wife passed away. My son was defending his sisters against a group of bullies, and they got into a scuffle which left my son lifeless. It affected my wife the greatest, she grew very depressed. She fell into an enormous amount of depression, which in result led her to take her own life. I apologize if this sounds upsetting, for I'm only trying to express my story accordingly so you can understand me better. I've learned a lot of from that experience. I never take what I have for granted. Life is vulnerable, so try your best to stay happy, because happiness is all we have. It took me some time to recover from that, and also to understand the situation from a more broad perspective. I had to stay strong for my daughters, and always made sure I did my best to nurture them. The thought of me dating at that time seemed so unthinkable, but as it happened I met a wonderful woman out of sheer luck. We wed at my year 30 and had a son at year 31. Unfortunately, we divorced at year 37, due to personal reasons of hers. Now I'm just a single father trying to find himself again in this big world of ours.

I'm very adventurous, so I'm up for anything fun. I'm looking to meet new people and hopefully create great friendships. I wouldn't mind finding a special someone to start a relationship with, but I'm new to the dating scene so more than likely I'm going to be approaching it slowly. My children are very important to me, such as any other parent, but they also understand that it would be good for me to have time alone and enjoy the good things in life without having to always be caring for them. They are very mature and well able to handle themselves, so I trust them, and I also thank them for pushing me to get out there and try to meet someone. I'm also very stable financially, so perhaps even traveling with someone one day could be very exciting! I've never traveled anywhere so doing that would surely be a thrill.

I'm not your typical guy. Mostly because I'm not a guy, I'm a man. I take care of myself and of others. I'd like to think of myself as sincere, loyal, focused, passionate, respectful, intelligent, and genuine; just to name a few. I'm not trying to make myself sound amazing, I just know my worth, and I'd hope you do as well. Actions do speak louder than words and I wouldn't be hesitant to show you. Besides being intellectual, I'm also very silly. I don't usually hold conversations similar as to how I'm typing, I like to be funny and make jokes and hopefully make the other person laugh, if I'm lucky that is. I like talking as if we're best friends, just talking about anything random and being humorous, because often those are the best conversations, when you can just smile. I do work out and go to the gym regularly, but by no means am I the typical “macho man” who is full of himself thinking he's the hottest and has the best muscles in the world. I just like the feeling of exercise, I'm hooked I suppose, but it doesn't control my life like most gym rats out there. I wouldn't ever mind skipping the gym to go grab some fast food with a friend. So let's go grab a few burgers shall we?

I'm open to meeting anyone. In the past I've limited myself to only dating black women because I thought that was the appropriate thing to do, but looking back at that now seems so ridiculous. I don't want to miss out on meeting an incredible woman, no matter her race, age, height, body size, religion or even her past. The most important thing that truly matters in my eyes is personality. I want someone to be able to talk for hours with, and at the end of the day going to sleep knowing my day was well spent :)

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