kenc1969 Seeks an Age Gap Relationship

Thames Ditton, Surrey, United Kingdom
Body type:
5' 10" 
Caucasian (White) 
Social Setting:
Home body, Better in small groups, Comic relief 
TV watching:
Home and family
Marital status:
Have kids:
Want (more) kids:
Professional life
Employment status:
Computer related / Hardware 
Minimum Age:
Maximum Age:
Casual dating, DD/lg relationship, I'll play it by ear, Long distance relationship, Long term relationship, Sugar Daddy / Baby / Mommy, Anything 
Sense of humor:
Friendly, Clever / Quick witted, Dry / Sarcastic, Campy / Cheesy, Obscure, Raunchy 
Computers / Internet, Cooking, Dining, Health / Fitness, Listening to music, Movies, Playing sports, Politics, Reading, Theater, Travel 
More about me
In my own words:

I just turned 50 but haven't aged a bit, I'm as fit as I've ever been, and remain very young at heart with a spring in my step and a twinkle in my eye.

I'm originally a Londoner but gradually moving out towards the countryside, and enjoying the leafy lanes of Surrey.

I'm a very genuine, mature and romantic professional gentleman, very intelligent and articulate and looking for someone I can really talk to and get to know on all levels.

I'm something of a geek and philosopher, intelligent, articulate and mature but still retaining a childlike sense of wonder.

Self assured, self aware, meditative, contemplative, contrarian, open minded. A gentleman and a scholar you might say.

I'm also an animal lover with a small menagerie consisting of a chocolate Burmese cat and a white German shepherd dog. I love my daily dog walks in the Surrey woods and parks.

My biggest passions include skiing and scuba diving. I also love drawing and watching movies and binge-watching the occasional TV series.

I read voraciously and listen to audiobooks while walking, running, cycling or doing my daily workout or yoga practise.

I read almost everything from history and scientific publications, to IT / business books, philosophy, psychology and sci-fi novels, while still indulging my childhood love of comic books and graphic novels.

I love to set myself new challenges. I've cycled from Lands End To John O'Groats, completed open water swims up to 3.5km and also completed every triathlon distance up to the Half Iron Man (1.9km swim / 85km bike ride / 21km run!).

I'm also busy ticking items off my bucket list - improving my tourist French with an aim for fluency, and taking (online) lessons to play the keyboard/piano.

So that's me in a (very large) nutshell.


Now what about you?

I've been around the block, traveled the world (40+ countries to date, still quite a few to go if you care to join me!), I've been married and divorced, but as a result, I have a much better idea of what I am looking for in a relationship. Since my divorce, I found myself quite by accident dating a much younger woman (25 - looked / acted 35!) and was pleasantly surprised to see how well an age gap relationship seemed to work for me. I then dated a young lady of 21 and was quite amazed when that lastd 3 years. So I really do believe that age is just a number.

I'm looking for an intellectual connection as well as that electricity when you meet someone new and exciting for the first time.

My ideal is a lady who is ready for intimacy - emotional, intellectual and physical / sensual, and wants to spend a lifetime getting to know each other on every level.

My perfect match would be curious about the world and have a sense of wonder. A little adventurous maybe, quite active and someone who enjoys a challenge, but equally someone who enjoys quiet nights in to relax and recharge.

She would be independent and have her own passions but maybe share some of mine, but at the same time affectionate and easy-going.

She would prefer quiet nights at the cinema and the occasional trip to the theatre / musicals rather than nights out clubbing.

She would love quiet nights in - long intimate conversations - perhaps in a candlelit bubble bath, or by the fireside.

And it would be a bonus if she loved to travel, ski or scuba dive.

If any of that resonates or appeals to you I'd be delighted to get to know you - I'm very open to anything life brings.

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