About IJN

ItsJustaNumber.com was founded in 2007 to fill a couple of voids in intergenerational social networking and age gap dating sites.

  1. There was no site built with the prospect of intergenerational or age gap social networking in mind.
  2. There were no truly free age gap social networking or dating sites available at all.
  3. The only age gap dating sites around were not really age gap dating sites at all. There were so many people on those sites that were seeking someone around the same age that it made it very difficult to find anyone who was truly interested in any kind of age gap relationship. I don't consider someone who is 21 and seeking a significant other who is 22-25 to be seeking an age gap relationship. The pay sites were, and still are full of people who are in that boat.

With this site, we strive to fill all of those voids in the age gap relationship realm.

  1. IJN can be used as an intergenerational social networking site. We strongly encourage the use of the site purely for socialization. It's not necessary for the members to be looking for a date or a "hookup." Let's face it, many younger women are more mature than younger men and may only wish to have intelligent conversations about topics in which younger men may not share an interest. Older men can impart wisdom and act as mentors in some cases, and enjoy the virtual company of a younger woman. In the same way, older women may have needs that can only be fulfilled by a younger man. Older women can also mentor and teach younger men some very valuable things in life, as many older women are very intelligent and wise. This is what the site is really all about in very simplified terms. My vision for the site in the beginning was that of an intergenerational social networking site with the added benefit of age gap dating for those who wish to pursue it.
  2. All these years later, IJN is still totally 100% free. Non-members and new members are always skeptical for good reason, but it's the truth. All of the features of the website are absolutely free and available to members in good standing. You can simply socialize with older or younger people, or you can actively seek a significant other who is older or younger, and never pay a nickel.
  3. All members of IJN are seeking interaction with someone who is significantly younger or older. We screen all profiles to insure the integrity of that promise.

It doesn't matter if you're just looking for a good chat or if you're determined to date someone older or younger or if you are looking for a long term age gap relationship. ItsJustaNumber is here to provide all of those opportunities and we provide them at no charge. You can send messages, chat, share pictures, videos or music, and even meet someone face to face if that's what you want. All we ask is that you have a picture on your profile and that you keep it positive. Good luck to all!


Same with mine,...??? Why is the number set on 50? Thatdoesnt make any sense,.....???


Why is the minimum age set to 50 on my account