Just in thought

I get a lot of questions as to why I love the older crowd! I prefer that because in my generation socializing, Dating etc just is not the same! There is no value to it. Everything moves so fast whereas in an older generation there is more humbleness, more courting more genuineness! I have had interactions with the older crowd and its always been pleasent. The conversation was more realistic and the surroundings where calm. I felt wonderful! I got complimented which made my day I also got a chanc…

What is it we are all looking for

I believe what we are all looking for is to forget ourselves. Be it drugs, alcohol,sex, beautiful scenery, great food,quiet evening with a friend, care accident regardless it is these moments when we contact ourselves and remind us what we are truly are. One with everything and everything a part of us. But soon as the moment is gone we return to the same old self. The one conditioned by our family, society and our experiences . We think that perhaps over the next hill we will find that thing or…

My Friend Married Woman 45 Years Younger!!

I have a friend who at age 72 decided to leave the United States and retire in Costa Rica. Shortly after settling in, he met a 28-year-old lady. She was not looking for green card or to come to the United States. As a matter of fact, she had a visa and did visit the United States before she even met my friend. She was a professional lady who was at the early stages of what has been developing into a successful career. She loves her own country, so she was not seeking a way to the USA. After they…

Online Dating Tips for Success

Did you know that one out of every six marriages in the United States originated online? Market research has shown this to be true. In fact, 30% of couples now meet online. Those are impressive numbers, but online dating is also time consuming and very competitive. You can be more successful with online dating if you are informed. This post will give you some good tips and information to help you succeed in your quest. Photos This is the most important part of your profile. If you don't hav…

if youre new here

hi guys, just a few ideas from an "old timer"just remember posting on a lady's wall isn't private, so if you're planning on talking to more than one person, and are going to put some intimate language in the message, why not send a message and keep the conversation private, or add as friends for a chat. putting these messages up for the whole world to see doesn't make the girls feel special especially if you're posting similar messages to 2 or more people.same…

Frivolous Member Reports

Please don't waste your time or mine with frivolous member reports. Some of the reports I receive are obviously filed because the member being reported won't communicate with the member doing the reporting. If another member won't respond to you, he or she is obviously not interested. Instead of filing a report or becoming upset over it, move on and make friends with someone else. Member reports MUST include proof of what you're reporting. If the member has violated the terms…

Explicit Sexual Messages in First Contact

It should go without saying that explicit sexual messages in the first contact is forbidden as is any unwelcome sexually explicit conversation. Please strike up a conversation and initial friendship with the other individual and then see where it leads. Gentlemen, let the ladies take you there if that is where they choose to go. The ladies have all of the control in that regard.First offense: Warning and all sent messages deleted, regardless of content.Second offense: Say bye.

Any real women on here?

I know that this is a free site... but to be honest I have not seen one single real female in the US here? is it just me?

Please Forgive Me

In my recent past I was into financial domination and I made good money. I began to feel so guilty then I got depressed. Now I am turning against it because findom is taking advantage of men who are weak in a certain way. It's almost as bad as getting a girl drunk and taking advantage of her. When I started feeling terrible about it I talked to one of my 'pay pigs' about it and he told me so many things that I did not understand. He told me that he would get himself to the very ed…

New and curious

Hey there! I'm new here and am curious what some of the regular users think of the sight? (Male and female opinions are welcome). I'm from Australia and have noticed (in my quick searches so far) there's mainly US girls on here, not many from my country. Hopefully American girls, and other nationalities, don't mind guys contacting them from such distant places? Any women who have thoughts on this are welcome to respond. Cheers.

cock shots part deux ( the other way)

And as has been pointed it, this swings both ways.Ladies, be bold, but be tasteful, and if you want to send nudes, send them to the man/woman in question, not post to the world.One lady i was chatting to said she likes to be tasteful even when risque, so let's try keeping in this way, and thanks for the reminder ( you know whom)

cock shots

No...please...noCan you put those in your imgur account or go on reddit gonewild, but not post here for all and Sundry to see.Keep it private with a girl if she asks, or keep it in your trousers...

shout out to the new guys

couple of little pointers from an oldish hand. This may make your time here more fruitful, and it's not just a male perspective, some of my female friends have commented about this to me too.If you want to chat to any if the girls here, remember they're not normally on here as often as us, so be patient, but please send them private messages and not post messages on their walls for ALL of us to see.Also If you're sending similar messages to a number of girls, they don't feel…

privacy and politeness

Guys, if you're going to message a load of young women, why not do it privately so that the world doesn't have to see your cut/paste, or lack of originality, and also let the young lady in question feel a bit more special knowing you're directing something specific at them.Just a little thought. Walls are not the best place to open a conversation


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